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Our Residents are the Life of the Party!

Spa Days

Our residents thoroughly enjoy and look forward to our spa days. Below you'll see some of their perfected manicures, all themed for the seasons, of course! Our spa days include manicures, haircuts and styles, and self care!

Arts & Crafts

There’s probably no activity that gets our blood pumping and faces grinning quite like Arts & Crafts. Live on the adventurous side and join fellow community members in our Arts & Crafts programs for all levels. We’re sure you’ll love it, learn something new, and definitely make some new friends in the process.

Holiday Celebrations

Many holidays are celebrated through food, music and fun! We often host family brunches, events and much more throughout the seasons. Everything from Easter Eggs hunts in our gorgeous and sunny yard to Mother's Day brunch, to 4th of July cookouts!

Activities & Photos: Activities
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